Science Nation Special Report Highlights Firefighter Indoor Location

Posted by Carol Politi on Mon, Dec 05, 2011

by Carol Politi

Two of the earliest TRX supporters were the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI).  The NSF provided the first grant to TRX to pursue development of a system for firefighter tracking, and MFRI has been a constant partner providing feedback and supporting testing and validation of the TRX GPS-denied location technology.

Science Nation recently profiled this work in their Special Report "New Sensor System Tracks Firefighters Where GPS Fails".  TRX's core technology - sensor and map data fusion - allows delivery of location indoors (in areas GPS can't reach).  This video showcases the work and testing being performed to meet the indoor tracking requirements of the toughest application - that of tracking firefighters without any aiding infrastructure.  

The Department of Homeland Security's S&T Directorate is pushing this location technology to even higher accuracy and maturity levels with it's Geospatial Location Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders (GLANSER) program.  TRX is a team member on the GLANSER program (collaborating with Honeywell and Boeing/Argon ST) to develop and deploy even higher precision tracking systems that meet the demanding stability and maturity requirements of the First Responder community.

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