JNC 2011 - Addressing Urban and Indoor Location Technologies

Posted by Carol Politi on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

by Carol Politi.

Dr. John Karvounis of TRX Systems is speaking in a session titled "Navigating in Challenged Environments (e.g., Urban, Indoor, and Subterranean)" at the 2011 Joint Navigation Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado this week.  The session is chaired by Jalal Mapar of the Department of Homeland Security and Dr. R James Duckworth of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  Additional details on the conference are available here.

Topics: indoor LBS, inertial, 3D location, indoor navigation system, indoor tracking system, indoor location, indoor location system, geolocation, dismounted soldier situational awareness, Army Ground Forces, precise indoor location, personnel tracking, TRX Systems, inertial navigation, gps-denied location, precision personnel tracking