Join the TRX Indoor Mapping Community!

Crowdsourced Indoor Maps!

Change the way indoor maps are created, accessed, and maintained!  TRX, with support from the National Science Foundation, is building a mobile application to crowdsource the creation of building indoor maps.  As we are perfecting our technology, we are building a community of map enthusiasts who are interested in using the TRX mapping tool to create these maps at a global scale. To join, just sign up on the left!

What's in it for you?

You will get early and deep exposure into new indoor map building technology and the first access to the resulting data - and your feedback will help shape the course of the development!

1.  As soon as the TRX application is available, everyone in the community will be notified and will be provided with a link to download the mapping application.

2.  You can select the buildings you would like to map, and can visit them as often as you like.  An online tool will be provided to you so that you can view the map creation and edit and add to the map information collected.

3.  Encourage friends to join who also visit the same buildings to accelerate the process of developing maps of the buildings of most interest to you.

If you are an application developer, you can then develop applications using the maps.  TRX will expose a mobile API to provide applications with access to the map data.

How does it work?

TRX has developed a mobile app that can locate people indoors, in areas where GPS is not available. This app is capable of detecting the location of building structural, magnetic, and other features using embedded sensors. The video below shows how a 3D map of a building is created and perfected as users walk around a building many times.

Crowdsourcing relies on the contribution of many individuals.  Each person contributes a small portion and the fusion of information from all people combined delivers a significant result.